The most important responsibility a leader has is to provide clarity for their team. That’s right, most important.

The reason is because there is nothing that will negatively impact the productivity, engagement, and satisfaction among your team members more than confusion. Confusion at work causes a lot of problems including anxiety, contention, apathy, frustration, and stress.

Clarity needs to come from the top. If the top is not providing clarity than you can bet that people throughout the organization are receiving different messages from different people which leads to what? That’s right, confusion.

So what should be made clear all the way from the top? First is your mission, vision, and values. Next is the goals, standards, expectations, and results for the team or organization.

Providing clarity around these things aligns teams and helps them make real progress on those things that matter most. High levels of clarity increases teamwork, decisions-making, and efficiency.

Like rowers in a boat paddling in opposite directions, a leader who isn’t focused on providing clarity for their team will find out they aren’t getting very far.

Today, think about how you are providing clarity to your team. Start with something simple like the purpose or mission of your organization and work on making sure it is super clear to everyone. Take steps today to improve clarity among your team.

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