Does it feel like your team or organization is under performing? Do you think you could and should be doing better? 

If so, you are not unlike most leaders and organizations out there. Unfortunately, many aren’t sure what to do or how they can move forward to help their teams reach their potential. Today I have two suggestions to start helping your team or organization truly reach their potential.  

#1 Improve Clarity 

Often when teams are underperforming it’s because there is a lack of alignment and cohesion. The team members or leaders within an organization are unsure what the number one objective is at the moment, what the purpose of their work is, or even what standards to uphold. When there is confusion around these things, it is hard to work together and perform at your best. As a leader, strive to create greater clarity around these things and performance will increase.  

#2 Celebrate Even Small Success 

A great way to jumpstart and inspire a team that is stagnate is by celebrating with them. Find a reason today to show your team you truly appreciate their efforts and accomplishments. Once you do this, set a new goal with the group that if achieved will result in another fun celebration. Make this a habit and watch how this rejuvenates the team. Celebrating and recognizing others will boost morale and ultimately help the team reach its potential.  

If you feel your organization or team is falling short, start with these two ideas. As you create clarity and celebrate more with your team, you will establish an environment that encourages people to do their best work and take pride in what they are able to accomplish together.

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