Own Your Monday!


It's another new week, a fresh start, a chance to reach your goals and do something amazing! Another opportunity to reprioritize and align yourself with your dreams and goals!   What will you choose to do with it? Who will you choose to be? So much depends on this day, right now—Monday, the start of a new week.  Too many people will choose to dread today. They will start their week off on the wrong foot. This is a totally avoidable mistake!   Monday sets the tone for the entire week. If you can discipline yourself to be excited, energized, and engaged on Mondays, it will carry with you [...]

Own Your Monday!2019-02-04T15:42:14-05:00

Love Your Mondays!


This is my first AMAZING Monday and I must confess, I love Mondays! Maybe because it’s a new week and a fresh start, maybe because I like to root for the underdog and go against the grain a little bit, or maybe it’s because I’ve made the choice to love Mondays. The truth is, all of these are true. I do love Mondays because there is so much potential in them, so many things to accomplish, and so much to do for the week. Though some wait for a new year, I love Mondays because they are a [...]

Love Your Mondays!2018-11-15T16:57:31-05:00