Your Defining Moment


A crisis has a way of highlighting leadership. In many ways, what you do now will have a bigger impact on your people than all the good and inspiring things you do during normal times.  Isn’t this what leadership is all about? It is much easier to lead when things are going smoothly. The real test of a leader is how they react and behave when times are tough.  To be successful, your communication must be at an all-time high. Likewise, so should your empathy. Now is not the time to shrink or hide away. Now is the [...]

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Ep 3. Leadership to Create a Strong Workplace Culture


Let’s talk leadership. The kind of leadership that helps create a strong workplace culture that transforms results within an organization. There are a lot of different leadership ideas and concepts out there, but in this episode I share my favorite leadership concept and talk about how it correlates or helps reinforce the four C’s model to creating a strong workplace culture. If you’re a leader or interested in leadership, this podcast is for you!     Featured Episodes

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How Will You Be Remembered?


If you manage people, your influence on others is huge! Period. Whether you know it or not, or believe it or not, your influence on the people you lead impacts all things in their life. Notice I didn’t say work, I said life!  As a leader, you have a tremendous privilege to influence others, for good or for bad. The direct impact you have on the lives of those you supervise is hard to quantify, but in many cases, if you’re not number one, you’re among the top three most influential people in their lives. In so many ways you impact their emotional, mental, and even physical [...]

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Ep 5. — 5 Tips for Terminating Employees


It’s time to talk about one of the most dreaded things all leaders of organizations have to do—terminate someone's employment.  Learn five tips to help you effectively conduct a termination. Also learn why the way you terminate an employee matters and learn how it can impact the health of your organization’s culture. Finally, find out what the goal should be for a termination meeting.  If you are a leader who has to let people go, then this podcast is for you!    Featured Episodes

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Upgrade Your Decision Making


What do you stand for?   What does your organization stand for?  Is this clear to all of your team?  Establishing core values for your life and for your organization is one of the best things you can do to improve results. When values are established, defined, and made clear, it can guide decision-making.   This is extremely important when faced with critical, tough, and in-the-moment decisions.   Imagine for example that your employee is dealing with a tough customer who is very upset. Perhaps your employee is inclined to hang-up the phone, roll their eyes, walk away, or perhaps even retaliate with their own frustrations.   Now imagine, [...]

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Ep 4. What You May Not Know About Organizational Culture


What is a healthy organizational culture and how can it help your company? In this podcast episode Tim breaks down what a healthy organizational culture is, two reasons why it is so important, how you can know if you have one, and what to do about it if you don’t. If you are serious about creating a strong organizational culture within your company, then this is a podcast you can’t miss! Learn now how to create a healthy culture in any organization!  Featured Episodes [...]

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What Makes A Leader Great


Good leadership doesn’t have to be complicated. Though many experts would have you believe otherwise, I’ve learned great leadership comes down to an accumulation of doing a lot of small and simple things consistently. When leaders discipline themselves to do little things each day that show those they lead that they care about them, it has a transformative effect on everyone.  At the crux of great leadership is consistency. Sure doing the right things every once in a while is nice and will have some impact but results will never last long this way. However, when a leader can do simple things over and over and over again without fail, that’s when they truly change the lives of those they lead. Consistency in doing small things [...]

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Ep 10. The #1 Reason Why We Don’t Accomplish New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions are popular this time of year.  In this final episode of season one we will tackle the #1 reason why so many of us fail to achieve them. I’ll also discuss why goals are so important to establishing a strong organizational culture and how you can achieve goals at work! Finally, I’ll talk about how goals fit into the 4Cs Model to creating a super healthy organizational culture. You won’t want to miss it! Featured Episodes

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5 Reasons Why People are Leaving Your Organization and Joining Your Competitor


Nothing is more discouraging for leaders than when they find out they are losing a high-quality employee—especially when they learn that person is going to work for the competition!  When this happens, too often leaders allow themselves to believe that people are leaving because someone has offered them better benefits or more pay.  The truth is believing this is a lazy and convenient copout.  Though there is chance pay and benefits may have contributed to their ultimate decision to leave, there is always so much more an organization can do to retain their valuable team members. And multiple [...]

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Ep 9. The Multiplying Effect of Charity


In this episode we discuss the final C in our model to help you establish a super strong and healthy organizational culture. This final C is charity and is perhaps the most important. Charity is different than any other element in the model as it has a multiplying effect on the other 3 Cs. Learn how charity works in the model, how you know if you have it or not as a leader, and also how to establish it in your organization. No leader can afford to miss this episode! [...]

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