Helping Your Team Achieve Goals


Last week I shared a simple strategy for achieving your personal goals. Rather than focusing on year long goals, if you break them down to 30 to 60 day bitesize goals it can really help with making progress and actually achieving them.   If it is hard for us as individuals to reach annual goals, what does this mean for our team goals? Many feedback and goal setting processes in organizations are structured around an annual schedule and timeframe. This is a big mistake.  The reason is because annual goals can be easily forgotten or can seem overwhelming or [...]

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How to Achieve Goals


One month in 2020 has already come and gone. So the question is, how are those resolutions and goals coming? If you’ve forgotten about your resolutions already or if you are struggling to work on them, then it may be time to try something new. For most of us, focusing on goals that are a year away is challenging. Many of us struggle to see ourselves that far down the road. However, most of us can envision where we will be and what we can accomplish over the next 30-60 days. Therefore, to achieve those new year’s resolutions, [...]

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3 Ways To Win At Work


Are you winning at work? How do you know? Too many people aren’t sure if they are winning at work or not. They go through their routines, strive to do their best, but at the end of the day they feel unsure.   So, today, let’s talk about three ways you can know whether your winning at work or not.   #1 Define What Winning Looks Like  Too many people aren’t sure if they are winning or not because they’ve never taken the time to decide what winning means to them. They haven’t envisioned who or what they want [...]

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Ep 6. Unleash the Power of Collective Goals 


There is huge power in collective goals! Unfortunately, few organizations and leaders tap into this tremendous force to improve alignment and minimize infighting and silos. In this episode, learn why individual goals at work are extremely dangerous. Also discover what collective goals are and how they can help improve the strength of your culture and your results. If your team isn’t as cohesive as you’d like them to be or if individuals and departments in your organization do not seem to work together as well as you’d like them to, this podcast is for you!  [...]

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3 Ways To Ensure You Crush It In 2019


It’s hard to believe but 2019 is upon us. Are you excited?! Hopefully you are prepared or are preparing to have your best year ever. Whatever your goals or ambitions might be for 2019, below are three suggestions to help you crush it this year.  #1 End of Year Vision  All great things start with a vision, so what is yours for 2019? What do you hope to accomplish and who do you hope to become by the end of this year? Now envision yourself at the end of the year having accomplished those things. How do you feel, what do you look like, and how [...]

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My One Piece of Advice to Accomplishing New Year’s Resolutions


I love starting a new year, especially because I love to make New Year’s resolutions. A new year presents you with a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future. It gives you a fresh start and even a fresh perspective on life. New Year’s resolutions can push you outside of your comfort zone and help you improve. Unfortunately, most people fail to accomplish their New Year’s resolutions simply because they do not track them. Tracking your goals, more than anything else, will help you accomplish your goals. You see each year I not [...]

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Ep 10. The #1 Reason Why We Don’t Accomplish New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions are popular this time of year.  In this final episode of season one we will tackle the #1 reason why so many of us fail to achieve them. I’ll also discuss why goals are so important to establishing a strong organizational culture and how you can achieve goals at work! Finally, I’ll talk about how goals fit into the 4Cs Model to creating a super healthy organizational culture. You won’t want to miss it! Featured Episodes

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