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All Companies Have a Mission, Vision, & Values, So Why Bother? 


Most reputable companies have some form of a mission, vision, and values for their organization. However not all of these companies are successful so do they really matter that much?  The answer is yes!    Though most have them, here are two reasons why they don’t always help and why you still need them. #1 Most mission, vision, and values are poorly written. Thus, they fail to inspire the team or create organizational clarity around the purpose, standards, and direction of the company. Essentially, they completely miss their whole reason for existence and therefore add little value.      Leaders should [...]

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Upgrade Your Decision Making


What do you stand for?   What does your organization stand for?  Is this clear to all of your team?  Establishing core values for your life and for your organization is one of the best things you can do to improve results. When values are established, defined, and made clear, it can guide decision-making.   This is extremely important when faced with critical, tough, and in-the-moment decisions.   Imagine for example that your employee is dealing with a tough customer who is very upset. Perhaps your employee is inclined to hang-up the phone, roll their eyes, walk away, or perhaps even retaliate with their own frustrations.   Now imagine, [...]

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