Is There A Model For Producing A Strong Company Culture?


Most organizations and leaders understand that company culture influences business results. Though this is common knowledge, what isn’t well known is how to best manage and shape the company culture to improve results. As with most business functions, models and systems are often developed to help leaders and organizations achieve desired results. These models or systems impact behavior and allow a company to systematically obtain an anticipated outcome. What if there was such a model for shaping and creating a strong company culture? Though effective company cultures come in many different forms, there is a model that leaders or organizations [...]

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3 Ways To Win At Work


Are you winning at work? How do you know? Too many people aren’t sure if they are winning at work or not. They go through their routines, strive to do their best, but at the end of the day they feel unsure.   So, today, let’s talk about three ways you can know whether your winning at work or not.   #1 Define What Winning Looks Like  Too many people aren’t sure if they are winning or not because they’ve never taken the time to decide what winning means to them. They haven’t envisioned who or what they want [...]

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Ep 7. Consistency Is The Glue


Consistency is the middle section of our 4Cs model to creating a healthy organizational culture, and in a lot of ways it’s like the glue that holds things together. In this episode we dive into this portion of the model and talk about what consistency means and why it is so important to your organization. We also talk about how clarity and consistency complement each other and how they can help all leaders build a very healthy organizational culture. Finally, we discuss traditions and how they can help reinforce consistency. You don’t want to miss this [...]

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