Company Culture Made Simple


Establishing a strong company culture can be remarkably simple.  A great culture first starts with creating clarity. When things are clear, it aligns and unifies a team. In essence, it gets everyone rowing in the same direction. Second, a strong culture requires consistency. Consistent practices and predictable patterns of behavior, routines, and systems build trust and cohesion.  Next, adding celebration strengthens a culture. When teams are recognized for their efforts frequently and when they are able to bond together through consistent moments of celebration, it creates a sense of pride and belonging.  Finally, showing charity or helping people [...]

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Breakfast Pizza and Influential Leadership


At a recent conference I presented at, an experienced executive shared an interesting story with me about the most influential boss he’d ever had. When this boss first joined the company, the team was fragmented and performance was poor. Recognizing this, one of the first things the new boss did was require that the entire leadership team have breakfast together every Friday morning. For whatever reason, the inevitable food of choice was always breakfast pizza.   Though there was a lot of grumbling and push back, this new leader would not relent. So, every Friday morning at 8am the [...]

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Lead Like a Champion


With the Super Bowl fast approaching, great coaching has been on my mind. I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by great athletic coaches who  find ways to get the most out of their teams.  I believe a lot of what makes a great coach in sports, also makes a great manager, boss, and leader. So today I’d like to share two coaching thoughts that have inspired me and that can help you lead like a champion.    1. Ask More of Your Team First, one of the worst things a coach can do is to not ask enough of [...]

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Ep 6. Showing Charity to Create a Strong Culture


This week’s episode is all about the fourth and final C to creating a healthy company culture:  Charity.  Tim discusses what charity is and how leaders can show charity in ways that are simple yet effective. He also discusses how charity and accountability work together and how leaders can take any action they need to take to move the company forward, but do it in a way that increases charity. Great leaders can’t miss this podcast! Also, be sure to checkout to receive the free tools Tim has discussed in the last four episodes of the podcast.      [...]

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Accountability or Kindness?


As a leader, which do you choose: accountability or kindness? Which of the two is more important and which will best get you the results you desire? Unfortunately, too many leaders face this decision on a regular basis. They tell themselves they must choose one or the other. The reality is a leader can do both. In fact, a leader should do both. Holding people accountable does not mean being unkind just as being kind does not mean you don’t hold people accountable. The two are completely unrelated. A leader can take any action with kindness or without [...]

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Is There A Model For Producing A Strong Company Culture?


Most organizations and leaders understand that company culture influences business results. Though this is common knowledge, what isn’t well known is how to best manage and shape the company culture to improve results. As with most business functions, models and systems are often developed to help leaders and organizations achieve desired results. These models or systems impact behavior and allow a company to systematically obtain an anticipated outcome. What if there was such a model for shaping and creating a strong company culture? Though effective company cultures come in many different forms, there is a model that leaders or organizations [...]

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Ep 1. Happy At Work


How would the world change if every leader had a goal to make their team happier at work each day? Today we will talk about this and how it fits into the 4Cs model to creating an amazing organizational culture. We will also talk about upcoming topics for future podcasts in season 2. Get ready for another great season of The Culture Guide Podcast!         Featured Episodes

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5 Reasons Why People are Leaving Your Organization and Joining Your Competitor


Nothing is more discouraging for leaders than when they find out they are losing a high-quality employee—especially when they learn that person is going to work for the competition!  When this happens, too often leaders allow themselves to believe that people are leaving because someone has offered them better benefits or more pay.  The truth is believing this is a lazy and convenient copout.  Though there is chance pay and benefits may have contributed to their ultimate decision to leave, there is always so much more an organization can do to retain their valuable team members. And multiple [...]

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Ep 9. The Multiplying Effect of Charity


In this episode we discuss the final C in our model to help you establish a super strong and healthy organizational culture. This final C is charity and is perhaps the most important. Charity is different than any other element in the model as it has a multiplying effect on the other 3 Cs. Learn how charity works in the model, how you know if you have it or not as a leader, and also how to establish it in your organization. No leader can afford to miss this episode! [...]

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