This is my first AMAZING Monday and I must confess, I love Mondays! Maybe because it’s a new week and a fresh start, maybe because I like to root for the underdog and go against the grain a little bit, or maybe it’s because I’ve made the choice to love Mondays.

The truth is, all of these are true. I do love Mondays because there is so much potential in them, so many things to accomplish, and so much to do for the week. Though some wait for a new year, I love Mondays because they are a new beginning and a fresh start—the beginning of a new week to make it your best. A chance to realign and adjust goals and go all out. I love Mondays because so many people love to despise and hate them. Finally, I love Mondays because I’ve decided to love them.

How are your Mondays? Are they drudgery or spectacular? Are they filled with anxiety and disdain or excitement and motivation? However you feel about Mondays, I’m here to help. I’m here to make your Monday just a little bit better. I’m here to help guide you and motivate you to have amazing Mondays. I’m here to support you in setting the right tone on Mondays for those you lead. After all, if you hate Mondays, how do you think others feel about them who work with you?

This blog is about making Mondays great not only for you but also for those you lead. Let’s make Monday great together! Let’s make Monday something we all look forward to. Let’s make Monday AMAZING! Until next time, have an AMAZING Monday!

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