Season 4

Ep 10. Questions & Answers from Season 4


As has become tradition on the podcast, during this last episode of season four Tim answers important questions received from listeners throughout the season and provides vital insights  on meaningful topics such as the importance of the structure of The Four C’s Model to Creating a Healthy Company Culture, how charity influences the model, and the relationship between accountability and trust. Checkout this last episode of the season to learn how to better establish a strong organizational culture.   Featured Episodes

Ep 10. Questions & Answers from Season 42019-11-15T11:00:35-05:00

Ep 9. You Can’t Build a Great Team Without This One Thing


In this podcast, Tim explains the most important thing needed in order to build a great team. He describes what this one thing is, why it matters so much, and what you can do to nurture it so that your team always functions at a high level. He’ll also share how this one thing influences and improves organizational culture as well as how it relates to The Four C’s Model. Don’t miss out on this important episode on teamwork!  Featured Episodes

Ep 9. You Can’t Build a Great Team Without This One Thing2019-11-07T10:58:35-05:00

Ep 8. How to Keep Your Team Together When They Don’t Agree


What do you do as a leader when there is disagreement among your team surrounding an important decision? How do you know what decision to make when your team is pulling you in different directions and the best course of action isn’t clear? In this podcast, Tim will address these topics and offer a practical and powerful method to effectively handle disharmony and make wise decisions in the workplace. This podcast will help any leader overcome the infighting, misalignment, and poor decision-making that plagues far too many organizations. Featured Episodes

Ep 8. How to Keep Your Team Together When They Don’t Agree2019-10-31T12:21:09-05:00

Ep 7. Putting Your Company Culture to the Test


This week’s episode is all about putting your decisions, new policies, practices, and systems through a simple test to ensure what you are about to do will help your culture and not unintentionally hurt it! Tim explains this test and shares why it is so important. Applying this simple test to you big decisions is what the best organizations do.   Featured Episodes

Ep 7. Putting Your Company Culture to the Test2019-10-24T15:55:43-05:00

Ep 6. Showing Charity to Create a Strong Culture


This week’s episode is all about the fourth and final C to creating a healthy company culture:  Charity.  Tim discusses what charity is and how leaders can show charity in ways that are simple yet effective. He also discusses how charity and accountability work together and how leaders can take any action they need to take to move the company forward, but do it in a way that increases charity. Great leaders can’t miss this podcast! Also, be sure to checkout to receive the free tools Tim has discussed in the last four episodes of the podcast.      [...]

Ep 6. Showing Charity to Create a Strong Culture2019-10-17T14:48:29-05:00

Ep 5. Adding Celebration to Your Culture


This week’s episode is all about adding celebration to your culture to help you create an amazing experience for your team. Celebration is about recognition, and measurement, and fun. Tim shares some really impactful celebration systems in this episode that can change and enhance how you recognize staff and make them always feel like an important part of your team. Listening to this podcast will help you improve your organization! Featured Episodes

Ep 5. Adding Celebration to Your Culture2019-10-17T13:28:44-05:00

Ep 4. Establishing Consistency Throughout Your Company


Establishing consistency is crucial to building a healthy organizational culture. In this podcast, Tim shares details about two surefire systems any leader can utilize to help them create consistency throughout their organization and improve their culture. When consistency exists in the workplace, feelings of stability, trust, and security permeate the organization which leads to higher levels of productive and engagement and strong results. Tim also reveals how you can get free systems and tools on a new website,  This is an episode you really don’t want to miss!    [...]

Ep 4. Establishing Consistency Throughout Your Company2019-10-02T14:38:08-05:00

Ep 3. Creating Clarity Within Your Organization


Creating clarity is the first step to establishing a healthy organizational culture. Clarity sets the foundation for a strong company culture to grow. But how do you do it? In this episode Tim shares three simple and highly effective ways leaders can create clarity that permeates the entire organization. Implementing these three simple systems can be done within any enterprise and will have huge implications on your results as a leader. This is a can’t miss episode! Featured Episodes

Ep 3. Creating Clarity Within Your Organization2019-09-25T15:10:35-05:00

Ep 2. Obliterating Job Misery From the Workplace


Are you happy at work? Are the people working for you happy at work? In this episode Tim invites you to join the cause to obliterate job misery from the workplace. He explains what job misery is and why it matters. He also shares a vision for work in the future. Most importantly, he tells you how you can eradicate job misery from your company and leave an incredible legacy of leadership. This is a podcast you won’t want to miss!   Featured Episodes

Ep 2. Obliterating Job Misery From the Workplace2019-09-25T15:10:21-05:00

Ep 1. When the Workplace Stands Tall


It’s the start of season 4 and this is a very inspiring episode that you can’t miss! In this podcast, Tim share’s how leaders and organizations can achieve incredible results by looking at a real-life example from the sporting world. Learn more about the Four C’s Model to Creating a Healthy Organizational Culture and how you too can achieve performance beyond your wildest dreams.      Featured Episodes

Ep 1. When the Workplace Stands Tall2019-09-11T15:04:45-05:00