Season 2

Ep. 5 — 5 Tips for Terminating Employees


It’s time to talk about one of the most dreaded things all leaders of organizations have to do—terminate someone's employment.  Learn five tips to help you effectively conduct a termination. Also learn why the way you terminate an employee matters and learn how it can impact the health of your organization’s culture. Finally, find out what the goal should be for a termination meeting.  If you are a leader who has to let people go, then this podcast is for you!    Featured Episodes

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Ep. 4 What You May Not Know About Organizational Culture


What is a healthy organizational culture and how can it help your company? In this podcast episode Tim breaks down what a healthy organizational culture is, two reasons why it is so important, how you can know if you have one, and what to do about it if you don’t. If you are serious about creating a strong organizational culture within your company, then this is a podcast you can’t miss! Learn now how to create a healthy culture in any organization!  Featured Episodes [...]

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Ep 3. Revive Your Meetings


Do you love meetings? Do you want your people to love your meetings at work? Learn two great ways to significantly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your meetings. By following these two tips your meetings will be more inspirational and engaging. Rather than dreading meetings, your people just might look forward to them. Also, learn how meetings fit in to the 4Cs model and why they play an important role in strengthening your culture. This is a podcast you won’t want to miss! Featured Episodes

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Ep 2. People Systems–Your Key To Clarity


Have you ever wondered how to establish or strengthen clarity within your organization? This podcast has the answer. Learn what people systems are and how they can help any leader create and reinforce clarity around those things that matter most throughout their entire organization. The information shared in this podcast is critical to establishing a strong organizational culture and without it, any hope to develop a strong culture will be futile. This is a must listen to episode!   Featured Episodes

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Ep 1. Happy At Work


How would the world change if every leader had a goal to make their team happier at work each day? Today we will talk about this and how it fits into the 4Cs model to creating an amazing organizational culture. We will also talk about upcoming topics for future podcasts in season 2. Get ready for another great season of The Culture Guide Podcast!         Featured Episodes

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