Parent Leadership


I recently read a quote that made me smile. It said, “Everything I learned about parenting is leadership and everything I learned about leadership is wrong.” – Bob Chapman  It made me smile because in so many ways it’s true!   Though I won’t debate the merits between taking a leadership course or a parenting class to become a stronger leader, let me share five things I’ve been taught about being a good parent that is applicable to great leadership.  And these ideas you won’t hear often in most leadership courses…   #1 Be An Example   For better or for worse, children mirror the [...]

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3 Ways To Win At Work


Are you winning at work? How do you know? Too many people aren’t sure if they are winning at work or not. They go through their routines, strive to do their best, but at the end of the day they feel unsure.   So, today, let’s talk about three ways you can know whether your winning at work or not.   #1 Define What Winning Looks Like  Too many people aren’t sure if they are winning or not because they’ve never taken the time to decide what winning means to them. They haven’t envisioned who or what they want [...]

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Where to Start in Creating a Strong Culture


A common question I’m asked about creating a healthy and strong organizational culture is where should I start? Though there are a lot of things you can do right now to improve your culture, the best place to start is with a mission statement. (Check out my article on 3 Essential Elements To A Well-Crafted Mission Statement).  Purpose A good mission statement is the best place to start because it gives your team purpose. Without purpose, people struggle to do their best work. When motivated by a purpose, teams reach results beyond what many will believe is possible.   Decision Making A good mission statement is also [...]

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Two Ways to Start Helping Your Team Reach Their Potential


Does it feel like your team or organization is under performing? Do you think you could and should be doing better?  If so, you are not unlike most leaders and organizations out there. Unfortunately, many aren’t sure what to do or how they can move forward to help their teams reach their potential. Today I have two suggestions to start helping your team or organization truly reach their potential.   #1 Improve Clarity  Often when teams are underperforming it’s because there is a lack of alignment and cohesion. The team members or leaders within an organization are unsure what the number one objective is at the [...]

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4 Things to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up


Have you ever questioned if you have what it takes to accomplish your goals?   Have you ever felt like giving up?  Leadership can be hard. It can often feel like you aren’t making progress or that you will never achieve your desired outcomes.   When this happens, what should you do?  First, have patience. Things are rarely as bad as you believe.  It just feels that way in the moment. When you give yourself some time and stick with it, often things tend to work out.   Second, reflect back. Think of a similar time in your life when you endured and [...]

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Upgrade Your Decision Making


What do you stand for?   What does your organization stand for?  Is this clear to all of your team?  Establishing core values for your life and for your organization is one of the best things you can do to improve results. When values are established, defined, and made clear, it can guide decision-making.   This is extremely important when faced with critical, tough, and in-the-moment decisions.   Imagine for example that your employee is dealing with a tough customer who is very upset. Perhaps your employee is inclined to hang-up the phone, roll their eyes, walk away, or perhaps even retaliate with their own frustrations.   Now imagine, [...]

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Own Your Monday!


It's another new week, a fresh start, a chance to reach your goals and do something amazing! Another opportunity to reprioritize and align yourself with your dreams and goals!   What will you choose to do with it? Who will you choose to be? So much depends on this day, right now—Monday, the start of a new week.  Too many people will choose to dread today. They will start their week off on the wrong foot. This is a totally avoidable mistake!   Monday sets the tone for the entire week. If you can discipline yourself to be excited, energized, and engaged on Mondays, it will carry with you [...]

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What Makes A Leader Great


Good leadership doesn’t have to be complicated. Though many experts would have you believe otherwise, I’ve learned great leadership comes down to an accumulation of doing a lot of small and simple things consistently. When leaders discipline themselves to do little things each day that show those they lead that they care about them, it has a transformative effect on everyone.  At the crux of great leadership is consistency. Sure doing the right things every once in a while is nice and will have some impact but results will never last long this way. However, when a leader can do simple things over and over and over again without fail, that’s when they truly change the lives of those they lead. Consistency in doing small things [...]

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Why A Vision?


Every great company is lead and guided by a vision. A vision is what the organization eventually hopes to accomplish or the contribution it hopes to make in this world. Much like a mission statement and core values, a vision should be well articulated and referred to often. It should be easy to understand and be clear.   A vision can be viewed as being unrealistic by others. It is a long-term goal. When leaders are establishing a vision they should consider the idea of when they are gray and old, looking back, what is the number one thing they hope to achieve through their organization. 20, 30 or [...]

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The #1 Way To Improve Your Company


It's a New Year, a time for new beginnings. Nothing can help your organization more this new year than to improve the health of its culture.   A healthy organizational culture is one where little confusion and politics exists. The team is aligned and working toward common goals. Everyone understands the company’s mission, values, and vision. Employees know why their job matters and how they are making a difference. The levels of engagement and productivity among team members are high. Team members actually care about each other and work together.    Imagine an organization that has a healthy culture where these things exist. Compare that to what [...]

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