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How to Earn Respect


How do you earn the respect of those you lead? Here are three simple tips. #1 Be Vulnerable One of the best ways to earn the respect of those you lead is by being vulnerable. Being vulnerable is a willingness to say “I’m sorry”, “I messed up”, “I don’t know”, or “I need help” when appropriate. It’s being willing to be human, transparent and honest. Leaders who are willing to be open and show they are less than perfect will encourage others to behave in the same way which will build trust among the team. #2 Be Consistent Leaders [...]

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How Will You Look as a Leader Post Pandemic?


Time for a pandemic update, how’s it going? One thing I’ve observed during the pandemic is how some of my friends are using their extra time to get physically fit. They are working hard to get into the best shape of their life and they look amazing! When it comes to your effectiveness as a leader, have you made improvements? Have you gotten into the best “leadership shape” of your life? Or have you let some things go and taken a few steps backwards? Few if any of us will be the same leader we were before the [...]

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The Best Solutions for Complicated Problems


Too often we assume complex problems require complex solutions. However, the best solutions for big and complicated problems are often small and simple. Unfortunately, small and simple answers are frequently rejected. One reason is because of a sophistication bias many of us hold. We believe something simple and easy could never solve something complicated and big. When we refuse a simple solution, we make a big mistake.  Creating clarity by communicating more frequently, showing compassion toward those you lead, or celebrating more often are some simple solutions that can solve complex cultural and personnel problems in the workplace. [...]

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Competition or Compassion?


Which of the two are more important to your success as a leader and organization: Competition or Compassion?  On the one hand, without a strong desire to compete to be the best, results are often never what they ought to be or could be. This ultimately limits the impact the organization has in the marketplace and on the world. On the other hand, without compassion, bridges can be burned and relationships damaged which can lead to regret and even a lack of long-term consistent performance. Both competition and compassion seem important in business, but how do you choose [...]

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Two Things You’ll Need for a Strong Company Culture


What does every company need to build a strong culture?  A deeply shared sense of purpose and a broadly shared dream. Why are these two items so important?   A clear purpose and dream unite a team and provide motivation. They also improve decision making throughout the organization and help people understand they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.  With a clear purpose and dream, self-interests melt away and a focus on collective results grows. Camaraderie and trust also increase.   Without a clear purpose and dream, people often won’t show up to do their best work. And why [...]

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Who Are You Spending Your Time With?


In organizations, team members can be placed into three groups. The first is the naysayers or those who are skeptical and cynical about everything in the organization. No matter what is done, they will always be unhappy.     The second group is the undecideds. These are people who are not sure which of the other two groups they should join.  The final group is the supporters or those who believe in what the organization and the leadership team is trying to do. Though they may ask questions, challenge ideas, and offer differing opinions, this group will jump onboard when [...]

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One Simple Way to Increase Performance


How often are you sharing your mission, vision and values?  Once or twice a year? Perhaps quarterly? Maybe once a month?  When asked, most leaders respond that those who work for them know exactly what the mission, vision, and values of their organization are. However when put to the test, most don’t know them.  Why the discrepancy?  Many leaders share something once or twice and then assume everyone has got it when they don’t.  For this reason, repetition is a hallmark of successful leaders. Become comfortable with repeating yourself again and again and again and again.      Leaders who [...]

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Creating Inclusion


Inclusion is an important topic that has been on the minds of most leaders and organizations. One question I’ve been asked on multiple occasions is, how do I promote a culture of inclusion? This is a great question. Though there are many ways to promote it in an organization, below are a few ideas that can help. #1 Make Purpose Your Number One When leaders ensure the purpose of the company is clear and everyone on the team is committed to that purpose above all else, inclusion increases. With a strong organizational purpose, leaders in an organization are [...]

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How to Lead Best When Things are Crazy


Few would argue that we are living in turbulent times. If there is anything I’ve been reminded of over the last 3 months, it is the importance of relationship-based leadership. Relationship-based leadership is characterized by a proactive approach to building relationships of trust with those you lead. It involves taking a genuine interest as well as involvement in the development and well-being of team members.   When things are crazy, this type of leadership trumps others because levels of hope and trust remain high while common distractions such as worry, fear, and stress are minimized. This leads to tasks [...]

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Two Essential Leadership Traits


When things slow down around the office, sometimes interesting conversations start-up. One recent discussion revolved around leadership traits. The question posed was, if leaders could only have two attributes, what would they need to be in order to have the most success. While there are a lot of admirable traits that could make the list, here are the two I’d want every time.  #1 Humility Being humble is a hallmark of some of the best leaders in history. Self-effacing leaders who appreciate  and recognize those around them build strong teams. When a leader is humble, it leads to [...]

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