Monday is a State of Mind

I love Mondays—and most days of the week—but Mondays are my favorite!  The reason? I choose to love Mondays!  Unfortunately, too many people I know despise Mondays. They associate Mondays with more work, sweat, grind, and a lack of freedom. They say Mondays rob them of their fun and relaxation.  I say Mondays are energizing, full of potential, and an opportunity to do great things. To me, Monday is a new beginning and a fresh start. A chance to improve, reach my goals and make a significant impact on the world. So who is right? Of course, we [...]

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Ep 10. Questions & Answers from Season 4

As has become tradition on the podcast, during this last episode of season four Tim answers important questions received from listeners throughout the season and provides vital insights  on meaningful topics such as the importance of the structure of The Four C’s Model to Creating a Healthy Company Culture, how charity influences the model, and the relationship between accountability and trust. Checkout this last episode of the season to learn how to better establish a strong organizational culture.   Featured Episodes

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Helping Others Reach Their Potential

What are your expectations for those you lead? Is the potential you see in them made clear? Too many people feel unsure of what their leader expects of them at work. And too many leaders feel frustrated by the lack of progress being made by their team. Could there be a correlation?  People normally don’t lack capacity or potential to do good work. What they do lack is a leader who communicates clearly that they expect great things from them and that they believe in them.  A leader should strive to be a person who shines a light [...]

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Ep 9. You Can’t Build a Great Team Without This One Thing

In this podcast, Tim explains the most important thing needed in order to build a great team. He describes what this one thing is, why it matters so much, and what you can do to nurture it so that your team always functions at a high level. He’ll also share how this one thing influences and improves organizational culture as well as how it relates to The Four C’s Model. Don’t miss out on this important episode on teamwork!  Featured Episodes

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The Key to Unlocking Motivation

Does it feel like your team may be lacking motivation?This is a common concern I hear from leaders—that they can’t seem to get their team motivated.So what is a leader to do?Recently an executive I was working with set a goal for his team to achieve a special designation that exemplified excellence in their industry. He knew it would require hard work from his entire team to achieve it, but he was certain it would really help their business grow. Soon after he shared the goal, he quickly noticed a lack of enthusiasm around achieving it. Feeling frustrated he [...]

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Ep 8. How to Keep Your Team Together When They Don’t Agree

What do you do as a leader when there is disagreement among your team surrounding an important decision? How do you know what decision to make when your team is pulling you in different directions and the best course of action isn’t clear? In this podcast, Tim will address these topics and offer a practical and powerful method to effectively handle disharmony and make wise decisions in the workplace. This podcast will help any leader overcome the infighting, misalignment, and poor decision-making that plagues far too many organizations. Featured Episodes

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Results-Driven or Relationships-Driven?

Are the best company cultures results-driven or relationship-driven? The answer is both! Organizations with healthy company cultures have a superior blend of being both results-driven and relationship-driven. They place an emphasis on building relationships while driving performance. Most organizations struggle with this concept. Most are lopsided and either focus primarily on results or primarily on relationships, making their cultures less effective. I’ve worked with both kinds of organizations. The results-driven organization was full of disgruntled leaders, unhappy customers, and staff who felt burnt out. Though results were achieved, it came with a heavy price tag. As you might [...]

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Ep 7. Putting Your Company Culture to the Test

This week’s episode is all about putting your decisions, new policies, practices, and systems through a simple test to ensure what you are about to do will help your culture and not unintentionally hurt it! Tim explains this test and shares why it is so important. Applying this simple test to you big decisions is what the best organizations do.   Featured Episodes

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Bring Your Dreams To Work Please!

A good boss is the one who allows people to bring their dreams to work. A great boss is the one who actively encourages them to do so. Let me explain.   Imagine you have a great idea. One you are certain will have a big impact on your organization and team. You’ve spent time envisioning how to accomplish it and how things will look once you do. Though you don’t have all the details ironed out yet, you are really excited about the prospects. Now imagine you share this idea with your boss. You feel certain she will [...]

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Ep 6. Showing Charity to Create a Strong Culture

This week’s episode is all about the fourth and final C to creating a healthy company culture:  Charity.  Tim discusses what charity is and how leaders can show charity in ways that are simple yet effective. He also discusses how charity and accountability work together and how leaders can take any action they need to take to move the company forward, but do it in a way that increases charity. Great leaders can’t miss this podcast! Also, be sure to checkout to receive the free tools Tim has discussed in the last four episodes of the podcast.      [...]

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