Ep 5. Why Start Here?

Today I talk about where you should start in establishing a strong culture and why you start there. I explain what the building blocks of a strong culture are and how they can help you with every challenge, every obstacle, and every situation you may face. I also share some real examples from organizations I’ve recently helped. If you’re serious about having a strong workplace culture and want superb results in every aspect of your company, then you can’t miss this one!  Featured Episodes

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Gallup’s #1 Way to Succeed at Work

Gallup recently released their findings from their largest global study on work, and the results are not all that surprising. In their study they discovered that the quality of a company’s managers and leaders is the most critical element to long-term company success. I didn’t need a Gallup study to know this was the most critical, but it’s good to see their research confirms what most of us already knew.    Last Monday my book, Be An Awesome Boss!, was released on Amazon.com. In this book I explain The Four C’s Model that leads to leadership success. If ever there was a book that could [...]

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Ep 4. The Way to Show You Care at Work

In this episode I reveal what was discovered about long-term company success from a recent Gallup global study on work. The result is shocking… I also get to the heart of establishing the fourth C in our model to successful leadership and strong organizational cultures. Learn what the one thing is you must do to dramatically raise the levels of charity that exists in your company which will drastically improve your workplace culture and results.       Featured Episodes

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Who Needs Encouragement?

I heard on a podcast recently that the founder of Chick-fila, S. Truett Cathy, once asked a friend, “who needs encouragement?” and then after a moment responded, “every human being that is breathing.” At times as leaders we are trained to look for the bad and correct it. What if instead we trained ourselves to look for the good and praise it? How do you think this shift in mentality might benefit your business? How do you think it might impact your ability to lead? Those you work with and interact with need encouragement; we all do! This week let’s [...]

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Ep 3. Leadership to Create a Strong Workplace Culture

Let’s talk leadership. The kind of leadership that helps create a strong workplace culture that transforms results within an organization. There are a lot of different leadership ideas and concepts out there, but in this episode I share my favorite leadership concept and talk about how it correlates or helps reinforce the four C’s model to creating a strong workplace culture. If you’re a leader or interested in leadership, this podcast is for you!     Featured Episodes

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Employees Are Volunteers For Your Organization

Having worked in health care most of my career, I’ve relied heavily on a good group of volunteers to help in the different facilities and hospitals I’ve worked. Volunteers are the best! I’ve noticed that as leaders, we are quick to forgive a volunteer’s mistakes, thank them for their time, and are gracious for any efforts they make to help our company. We also tend to trust they have good intentions and want to do a good job. We normally are quick to smile at them and shake their hand. We are always so grateful they came in [...]

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Ep 2. The 4 Essential Meetings

Today I discuss the four essential meetings that every organization should hold. I give a breakdown of each meeting including the primary purpose, who should attend, and how frequently they should happen. I also share why each is so important and how meetings influence workplace culture. If you have meetings in your company, then you can’t miss this episode! Featured Episodes

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Your Most Important Job

The most important responsibility a leader has is to provide clarity for their team. That’s right, most important. The reason is because there is nothing that will negatively impact the productivity, engagement, and satisfaction among your team members more than confusion. Confusion at work causes a lot of problems including anxiety, contention, apathy, frustration, and stress. Clarity needs to come from the top. If the top is not providing clarity than you can bet that people throughout the organization are receiving different messages from different people which leads to what? That’s right, confusion. So what should be made clear [...]

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Ep 1. Breaking Down The Four C’s Model to a Strong Workplace Culture

In this episode Tim takes a deeper dive into The Four C’s Model for Strong and Healthy Organizational Cultures by talking about what each C in the model is not. By learning what they are not, it will help you understand what they are and how to more effectively establish a strong culture that will transform results within your organization. This first episode of season three of the podcast is one you can’t miss!  Featured Episodes

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The Leading Cause of Death For Leaders

The number one leading cause of death for leaders is distractions. Distractions have killed more leaders than anything else I know.     Now let me clarify for a minute. When I say death, I mean being removed as a leader whether it is losing a job or being asked to step down.   Why are distractions the leading killer for leaders? I believe there are two main reasons.   One is because they are so enticing. They often appear as fires that need immediate attention. They beckon for our help and often make us feel that if we don’t react quickly, then we will be burned. They also entice us by making us believe we are the only ones who can properly deal with them and thus lure us away from what is most important. Distractions are also enticing [...]

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