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Two Things You’ll Need for a Strong Company Culture


What does every company need to build a strong culture?  A deeply shared sense of purpose and a broadly shared dream. Why are these two items so important?   A clear purpose and dream unite a team and provide motivation. They also improve decision making throughout the organization and help people understand they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.  With a clear purpose and dream, self-interests melt away and a focus on collective results grows. Camaraderie and trust also increase.   Without a clear purpose and dream, people often won’t show up to do their best work. And why [...]

Two Things You’ll Need for a Strong Company Culture2020-07-13T16:34:20-05:00

My One Piece of Advice to Accomplishing New Year’s Resolutions


I love starting a new year, especially because I love to make New Year’s resolutions. A new year presents you with a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future. It gives you a fresh start and even a fresh perspective on life. New Year’s resolutions can push you outside of your comfort zone and help you improve. Unfortunately, most people fail to accomplish their New Year’s resolutions simply because they do not track them. Tracking your goals, more than anything else, will help you accomplish your goals. You see each year I not [...]

My One Piece of Advice to Accomplishing New Year’s Resolutions2018-12-31T15:00:11-05:00

9 Leadership Principles To Live By (The First 5)


Being a great leader is hard.  It requires a tremendous amount of discipline, courage, and self-sacrifice.  Those who want to be good leaders must work at it constantly.  Here are the first 5 of 9 leadership principles to live by that will help anyone become a great leader and have a lasting impact on those they lead. #1 Remove Fear It can be natural at times for people to fear those in leadership positions.  After all, leaders can heavily influence their lives not only economically but also emotionally, mentally, and in other ways.  Removing fear helps people feel [...]

9 Leadership Principles To Live By (The First 5)2018-11-29T05:02:25-05:00

Too Important To Be Kind


"You are never too important to be kind." I recently read this on a sign somewhere and felt it was very applicable to us as leaders. It’s easy to get caught up in all that is going on. With important decisions to make, deadlines to meet, issues to address, meetings to attend—things are just busy and stressful! Because of all this, it can be hard to remember to be kind. However kindness is a key ingredient to creating a healthy organization. At thecultureguide.com we often refer to this kindness as charity. We all are touched and attracted [...]

Too Important To Be Kind2018-11-15T20:20:27-05:00

3 Ways to Overcome Fear


It’s the week of Halloween so it only seems fitting to talk about fear. But let’s not talk about the fun fear we experience during this time of year that gets our hearts pumping and our adrenaline flowing. What I want to focus on is the more common and often times debilitating negative fear. So let me ask you, have you ever been afraid? We all have fear at some point in time so none of us are alone in this. The problem is fear limits our perspective on life and keeps us from doing what we ought [...]

3 Ways to Overcome Fear2018-11-15T16:51:39-05:00

Redefining Superheroes


Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Yeah me too. It never happened for me though. At least not in the way I thought it would…. Maybe you are like me. Let me try and explain. At times when I talk to leaders about their careers many express or even lament the fact that they aren’t in a more service-oriented occupation. A doctor, firefighter, civil or military officer, humanitarian, or clergy member seems to them to be occupations where they could truly serve the greater good and actually contribute and help humanity. These are often the professions [...]

Redefining Superheroes2018-11-15T16:50:37-05:00

Surprising Discovery About Workplace Culture


Is there one kind of workplace culture that trumps all others? One specific type of culture that each organization should be trying to establish for the absolute best results? This is a question I’ve asked myself many times over my career. I’ve come to the conclusion that the answer is a resounding NO. This answer might surprise you. It did me. You see I wanted to believe that one specific kind of culture held the silver bullet that could unlock organizational success. That one particular culture could lead to greatness. That there was only one specific culture that [...]

Surprising Discovery About Workplace Culture2019-03-28T19:43:04-05:00

Ep 1. On A Mission


There are three building blocks that establish a solid foundation for a healthy organizational culture.  In this episode we will reveal and talk about the first building block which is your Mission. Writing and establishing a Mission Statement can be a little tricky.  In this episode we will discuss three things you must do to make sure your Mission will have the greatest impact on your organization. And what if you aren't in a position to change the Mission for your organization?  I have some special advice for you. too! [...]

Ep 1. On A Mission2019-02-07T20:46:59-05:00