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The #1 Way To Improve Your Company


It's a New Year, a time for new beginnings. Nothing can help your organization more this new year than to improve the health of its culture.   A healthy organizational culture is one where little confusion and politics exists. The team is aligned and working toward common goals. Everyone understands the company’s mission, values, and vision. Employees know why their job matters and how they are making a difference. The levels of engagement and productivity among team members are high. Team members actually care about each other and work together.    Imagine an organization that has a healthy culture where these things exist. Compare that to what [...]

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3 Ways To Ensure You Crush It In 2019


It’s hard to believe but 2019 is upon us. Are you excited?! Hopefully you are prepared or are preparing to have your best year ever. Whatever your goals or ambitions might be for 2019, below are three suggestions to help you crush it this year.  #1 End of Year Vision  All great things start with a vision, so what is yours for 2019? What do you hope to accomplish and who do you hope to become by the end of this year? Now envision yourself at the end of the year having accomplished those things. How do you feel, what do you look like, and how [...]

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All I Want For Christmas is…Discomfort?!


If Santa is good to you this year he will provide a little bit of discomfort in your life. Why discomfort you might ask? There are a couple of reasons. Let me explain. First, discomfort is an indicator that we are growing or that we need to grow. We can’t get better or improve our circumstances in comfort. In fact we must step out of our comfort zone if we ever hope to do more, stretch ourselves, and become better. There is no growth in comfort. Discomfort stimulates our personal growth. Second, discomfort will help us believe in [...]

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3 Things to Help You Get Unstuck


Have you ever felt like you were stuck? Like you just weren’t making the progress you hoped to make and that you felt you should be making? That happened to me over the last couple of weeks. You see, I’ve been trying to complete a book project and just felt it wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t sure how to improve it or make it better. I felt stuck! However, luckily, by the end of last week I was feeling much better and made some significant progress. Thinking about this experience I thought it might be helpful to share [...]

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Ep 10. The #1 Reason Why We Don’t Accomplish New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions are popular this time of year.  In this final episode of season one we will tackle the #1 reason why so many of us fail to achieve them. I’ll also discuss why goals are so important to establishing a strong organizational culture and how you can achieve goals at work! Finally, I’ll talk about how goals fit into the 4Cs Model to creating a super healthy organizational culture. You won’t want to miss it! Featured Episodes

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5 Reasons Why People are Leaving Your Organization and Joining Your Competitor


Nothing is more discouraging for leaders than when they find out they are losing a high-quality employee—especially when they learn that person is going to work for the competition!  When this happens, too often leaders allow themselves to believe that people are leaving because someone has offered them better benefits or more pay.  The truth is believing this is a lazy and convenient copout.  Though there is chance pay and benefits may have contributed to their ultimate decision to leave, there is always so much more an organization can do to retain their valuable team members. And multiple [...]

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Ep 9. The Multiplying Effect of Charity


In this episode we discuss the final C in our model to help you establish a super strong and healthy organizational culture. This final C is charity and is perhaps the most important. Charity is different than any other element in the model as it has a multiplying effect on the other 3 Cs. Learn how charity works in the model, how you know if you have it or not as a leader, and also how to establish it in your organization. No leader can afford to miss this episode! [...]

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9 Leadership Principles to Live By (The Final 4)


Last week I introduced the first 5 Leadership Principles To Live By that will help anyone become a great leader. These five principles included removing fear, standing on equal ground, serving those you lead, being a teacher, and working hard. Today I will share the final 4 leadership principles to live by that will help you have a lasting impact on those you lead. #6 Set An Example A leader's example is their most powerful tool. How a leader behaves will be mimicked by those who follow them. Too often leaders down play the role their example plays [...]

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Ep 8. Celebration—The Icing On the Cake


Can or should work be fun?! I think so. Celebration is the top of the pyramid of the 4Cs Model to Create a Healthy Organizational Culture. In this episode we discuss what celebration is, why it matters, why great leaders find ways to celebrate, and how it plays an important part in the model. We will also discuss why celebration is an important element in the model and how in a lot of ways is the icing on top of a cake. Featured Episodes [...]

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Ep 7. Consistency Is The Glue


Consistency is the middle section of our 4Cs model to creating a healthy organizational culture, and in a lot of ways it’s like the glue that holds things together. In this episode we dive into this portion of the model and talk about what consistency means and why it is so important to your organization. We also talk about how clarity and consistency complement each other and how they can help all leaders build a very healthy organizational culture. Finally, we discuss traditions and how they can help reinforce consistency. You don’t want to miss this [...]

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