Today let’s talk about a simple secret for success in leadership. If you want to have great results, then there is only one place to start and that’s with culture.

Why is culture the best place to start? Without a strong culture, leaders end up wasting way too much time dealing with staff turnover, recruiting, training, orientating, clarifying, etc. This leads to increased costs and a decrease in quality and service.  

However, when you start with culture first, it helps you retain and attract the best talent. With consistency in staff, quality and service can improve. And once the best talent is working for you, your results will take off.

Too many leaders start somewhere other than culture. They may focus on improving financial performance or quality first. This is a mistake. The reason is because if you never get the culture piece right, you’ll never have consistency in staff retention, engagement, and productivity. Sure, a leader may do well for a short period of time starting somewhere else, but it will never be sustainable. Only with a healthy culture can you have good results that last. 

So, where are you starting in order to improve your performance? If it’s some place other than improving your culture, then you may be making a mistake.

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