Have you ever questioned if you have what it takes to accomplish your goals?  

Have you ever felt like giving up? 

Leadership can be hard. It can often feel like you aren’t making progress or that you will never achieve your desired outcomes.  

When this happens, what should you do? 

First, have patience. Things are rarely as bad as you believe.  It just feels that way in the moment. When you give yourself some time and stick with it, often things tend to work out.  

Second, reflect back. Think of a similar time in your life when you endured and overcame a challenge—a time where things felt near impossible, yet somehow you pulled through. Reflect on what you did in that situation and remember you’ve survived this before.  

Third, reach out. Many others have been where you are at in this moment and are willing to help. Reach out to trusted friends, partners, and mentors. Get advice from them. Accept their encouraging words and apply what they have to offer you.   

Finally, embrace your potential. We are stronger and more capable than we realize. Each of us has something inside of us that tells us we are great. Listen to that voice, rather than the many other voices that try to tell you otherwise.   

Don’t give up, don’t give in, keep pushing!  

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