Are you winning at work? How do you know? Too many people aren’t sure if they are winning at work or not. They go through their routines, strive to do their best, but at the end of the day they feel unsure.  

So, today, let’s talk about three ways you can know whether your winning at work or not.  

#1 Define What Winning Looks Like 

Too many people aren’t sure if they are winning or not because they’ve never taken the time to decide what winning means to them. They haven’t envisioned who or what they want to accomplish or become. They haven’t established clear goals to get there because they aren’t sure where they are going.  

You should take time now to clearly define what winning means to you and what you need to accomplish in order to win at work.  

#2 Track Progress 

Some people have an idea of what they’d like to accomplish, and they’ve even set some pretty ambitious goals to get there but then they never track their progress toward those goals. As a result, they often forget about them and only occasionally make an effort when they remember them. As a result, they really have no idea how they are doing toward actually achieving them.  

To change this, create a way to track your progress. A simple tracking tool can help keep your goals at the forefront and allow you to see if you are making progress toward reaching them. A tracking tool in a very visible location that you update consistently allows you to know each day if you are winning or not. 

#3 Be Patient & Persistent 

In the beginning you may be a long way from reaching or achieving your goals. Your progress may seem slow and you may wonder if your efforts are even worth it. In moments like these, remind yourself it is a marathon and not a sprint—that results come from consistency and perseverance over a period of time. Too many never win because they give up too easily.  So be patient with yourself and be persistent.  Winning at work takes time and consistent effort.  

Much like winning at work, you can follow these same steps to help you win at life. On top of this, good leaders help their teams know what winning looks like for them, they track the teams progress—making it very visible to all, and then they encourage patience and persistence before great results are achieved.  

Defining what winning looks like, tracking progress, and being patient and persistent will help you win at work and life! 

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